People learn in different ways, but it all comes down to doing.
That's why IT Mentors believes in experiential education.

Each year, organizations face a challenge.

Each year, organizations hire recent college graduates into their technology programs. From hardcore developers to business analysts, to project managers and mathematical geniuses, these new hires come from all over the world and from different educational backgrounds.

Each year these organizations face a challenge: How do you welcome these newcomers to the organization, give them real-world experience in a risk-free environment, and adequately prepare them to be problem-solvers for the organization?

That’s where IT Mentors comes in.

IT Mentors delivers an experiential, project-centered program that challenges new hires to think critically, work together, and answer business problems with technology solutions. Our program offers challenges and simulates problems to force people to think on their feet.

We help individuals learn through doing.

By the end of this fast-paced, intense program individuals know from experience how to face problems head on and how to communicate meaningfully with others. They leave our experiential training program better prepared to take on their roles in the organization and ready to contribute to their teams.


IT Mentors offers a range of services with a specialty in custom programs, which focus on skills ranging from programming languages and development methodologies, to project management and leadership techniques, to individual and group presentation skills.

Custom Programs

Java, .NET, & iOS Development

Software Development Methodologies

Testing / Debugging

Cloud Infrastructure

Windows Server

Windows Client


Unix / Linux

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Team Development

Project Management

Presentation Skills