Technical and Creative.  Lifelong Learners.

Innovative.  Collaborative and Result-oriented.

Developing and delivering technical training solutions of every scale imaginable to financial and technology giants worldwide, IT Mentors has been training for over 20 years in all kinds of modalities from traditional instructor-led training to animated videos for wide distribution.  We guide students through end-to-end technology projects, helping them learn how to become successful members of successful technology teams.



As founder of IT Mentors and Apples and Oranges Studios, Tim Kashani creates work environments where technology and the arts converge.  His expertise in tech start-ups through enterprise IT and experience in the entertainment industry combine in a unique way to press against the boundaries of both worlds.  With IT Mentors, Tim spans the globe seeking to improve companies’ capabilities through insightful tech development and innovative teaching techniques.  On the Broadway stage, Tim and his wife Pamela produced the Tony Award® winning musicals HairMemphis, and An American in Paris.  Tim holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Information and Computer Sciences, a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California at Irvine, and a M.F.A. Film Production with specialization in directing from Chapman University.  In his youth Tim compartmentalized his technical and artistic identities.  Today, they are one.