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Performance Culture

Creating an environment that fosters and rewards employees for going “the extra mile” or to taking more initiative proves key to a successful long-term business strategy. IT Mentors adapts techniques from culture mavericks such as Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, and Google in developing experiential programs.

Checkmarks Don't Last

There’s no one right way to learn. We work with businesses to deliver content in a way that works best for its team members – whether that’s in a classroom, online, or using real-life simulations. We never want to “check a box and move on”.

Storytelling Works

Leveraging a partnership with Apples and Oranges Studios, a film studio also started by IT Mentors founder, Tony Award-Winning Producer Tim Kashani, we realize the importance of storytelling and visual media.

Metrics Matter

Without knowing where results come from, it’s impossible to efficiently move forward and reproduce results. IT Mentors takes pride in tracking all aspects of an experiential program or project to pinpoint specific causes for success, and uses those metrics in developing future plans for a business.

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